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A note from TCIA co-founder Sidney Burris about an easy and painless way to support Tibetans in Exile Today:

I’m writing to let you know how you can support the TEXT Program with a click . . . We’re working on the YouTube channel now (http://www.youtube.com/uatextprogram) and since the U has been gracious enough to link us to their channel, they want us to get subscribers. It optimizes the search engine results, and it ultimately benefits Tibetans, as you know, by getting the word out. SO—self-promotion here is actually Tibet-promotion. If you see what I mean. Question: would you subscribe and maybe round up a few subscribers as well? All it means is you get an email when we post . . . Tibet thanks you in advance, as do I.

The Dalai Lama with University of Arkansas students, Geshe Dorjee, and Sidney Burris, who met him while they were in India researching the lives of Tibetans in exile.